Course Offerings

AP/ANTH 2100 6.00 From Empire to Globalization: Anthropological Perspectives
ANTH 3570 6.00 Anthropology, Islam and Muslim Societies
AP/ANTH 4350 3.00 Perspectives in Visual Anthropology
AP/EN 3031 6.00 Diaspora Theory
AP/EN 3240 6.00 Racial Minority Writing in Canada
AP/EN 3430 6.00 South Asian Literature
AP/GEOG 3370 3.00 International Development: Critical Geographical Perspectives
AP/GEOG 3710 3.00 Society, Space, Environment in South Asia
AP/HIST 1065 6.00 The Indian Ocean, 1500-1800
AP/HIST 2790 6.00 Islamic Civilization, 622-1400
AP/HIST 3791 6.00 Islamic Gunpowders
AP/HIST 3795 6.00 Modern India
AP/HIST 3796 3.00 Modern India: Mughal Era through 19th century
AP/HIST 3797 3.00 India in the 20th Century
AP/HIST 3798 3.00 Topics in Modern India
AP/HND 1000 6.00 Elementary Hindi
AP/HND 2000 6.00 Intermediate Hindi
AP/HND 2700 6.00 South Asian Literature and Culture
AP/HND 3600 3.00 South Asian Female Literacy Activism
AP/HND 3610 3.00 Writings of Premchand (1880-1936)
AP/HND 3710 3.00 South Asian Diaspora Literatures
AP/HUMA 1846 6.00 India: Life, Culture and the Arts (Approved LA&PS General Education course - six credits towards the South Asian Studies requirements)
AP/HUMA 1855 9.00 Buddhism and Asian Cultures (Approved LA&PS General Education course - six credits towards the South Asian Studies requirements)
AP/HUMA 1865 6.00 Introduction to World Religions (AP/SOSC 2600 9.00) (Approved LA&PS General Education course - six credits towards the South Asian Studies requirements)
AP/HUMA 3801 6.00A Thinking Religion in South Asia: Teachings and Orientalism
AP/HUMA 3802 (AP/MIST 3802) 3.00 Sikh History and Thought: Development and Interpretation
AP/HUMA 4770 3.00 Buddhism in Modern Southeast Asia: Community, Conflict and Change
AP/ HUMA 4816 6.00 Women in Islamic Literatures
AP/LING 2460 3.00 South Asian Language and Society
AP/PHIL 2035 3.00 Asian Philosophical Traditions
AP/PHIL 3095 3.00 Philosophy of Religion
AP/POLS 3560 6.00 The Global South: Politics, Policy and Development
AP/POLS 4265 3.00 Human Rights and Democracy in Asia
AP/POLS 4480 3.00 India in the 21st century: Justice, Development, Democracy
AP/POLS 4590 3.00 Political Development in South Asia
AP/POLS 4595 3.00 Asia in the New Global Order
GL/POLS 4685 3.00 The Foreign Policies of the Major Asian States
AP/SOSC 1430 9.00 Introduction to International Development Studies (Approved LA&PS General Education course - six credits towards the South Asian Studies requirements)
AP/SOSC 1750 9.00 The Development of Urban Economies: Comparing Canada and the Third World
AP/SOSC 3541 3.00 Land Food and Development
AP/SOSC 3970 6.00 India: Culture and Society
AP/SOSC 4170 6.00 Gender Relations in the Third World
AP/SOSC 4436 6.00 India and Globalization
AP/SOCI 3430 6.00 Ethnicity, Power, Identity
AP/SOCI 3650 3.00 The Sociology of Religion
AP/SOCI 4450 6.0 Women in Development
FA/CS (Cultural Studies) 3900A 3.00 Arts and Cultures: South Asia
FA/MUSI 1500 6.00 The Music of Bollywood Films
FA/MUSI 2040 6.00 South Indian Music
FA/MUSI 3040 6.00 South Indian Music
FA/MUSI 3320 6.00 Music of India
FA/MUSI 4040 6.00 South Indian Music

Please note: courses marked '*' must be approved by the Program Coordinator, as course content varies. For these courses to count towards the South Asian Studies degree, or the cross-disciplinary certificate, certain assignment topics chosen in the course must focus on South Asia. This is to be determined in consultation with the course instructor and program coordinator.

Please note: Departments and schools may offer courses that are not listed on this site or are still in the process of being formally approved as counting towards degree requirements. In order to have such courses count towards the South Asian Studies major/minor degree, or cross-disciplinary certificate, students need to contact the Program Coordinator. Students may also take courses though Glendon College and the Faculty of Fine Arts, subject to degree credit exclusion and In-Faculty regulations and with the approval of the Program Coordinator.

Please note: Students are not able to take the core and capstone courses in the same year. Any students with sufficient South Asian Studies credits to join the Program in its first year of operation as fourth year students will be allowed to take the capstone course as a reading course, by arrangement with the Program Coordinator and the designated instructor. Such fourth year majors will also be required, on a one-time-only basis, to take the core course in order to graduate.

+ Please note: This course has sufficient South Asian content in order for it to count towards the South Asian Studies degree