Faculty and Graduate Students

Name Research interests E-mail Campus Address & Telephone Ext.
Vijay Agnew
Social Science
Women's Studies , Race and Racism , Feminist theory with particular emphasis on racism, History of Asian, African, and Caribbean women in Canada; South Asian women;, Violence against immigrant women, and NGOs of immigrant women vagnew@yorku.ca S717 Ross, 30153
Mahmudul Anam


manam@econ.yorku.ca 1136 Vari Hall,  20583
Preetmohinder Singh Aulakh

Schulich School of Business

Economic Liberalization in India; Internationalization of Indian Firms; Indian Business Groups and State-Owned Enterprises; Technology Transfers and Economic Development paulakh@schulich.yorku.ca N305C Schulich, 77941
Himani Bannerji Himani Bannerji
Historical sociology and social history, with a focus on India; feminism and women’s movement; communalism, riots and war; class, class and ethnic identities; social and political thought of Rabindranath Tagore himanib@yorku.ca 2104 Vari Hall, 77993
Arun Chaudhuri


Anthropology of religion, politics, public culture, multiculturalism, secularism, South Asia, Hinduism, race/ethnicity, nationalism, new
religious movements, globalization, immigration, media, and technology.
akc@yorku.ca 2046 Vari Hall,


Raju Das Raju Das
Poverty and uneven development; Technology, nature, population and production relations; agrarian transition; globalization of 'new agriculture and labour; developmental policies of the state, and state-society relations; neoliberalism; radical social movements; social capital; Marxist political economy; theory of class, the state, and capitalism under new imperialism; space-society relations; nature of radical theorizing; India rajudas@yorku.ca S411 Ross, 22450
Tania Dasgupta Tania Dasgupta
Equity Studies and Sociology
Twice migrated South Asian migrants to Canada,, political economy of South Asian women (gender, race and class), South Asian diaspora tdasgu@yorku.ca 310 Atkinson College, 66345
Enakshi Dua
Women's Studies
edua@yorku.ca 607 Kaneff Tower, 20143
Shubhra Gururani Shubhra Gururani
Critical political ecologies, space and place, postcolonial development, and histories of science and nature in the Indian Himalayas; politics of (sub)urbanization in India outside of New Delhi gururani@yorku.ca 2038 Vari Hall, 33716
Eve Haque
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Multiculturalism, immigration, white settler nationalism and language policy ehaque@yorku.ca S534 Ross, 20764
Nadia Hasan Nadia Hasan

Graduate Student Political Science (core course instructor)

Religion, piety, gender and nationalism in Pakistan and Pakistani diaspora; Islam and feminism; South Asian diasporas; postcolonial theory; gender and sexuality nadiazh@yorku.ca

N828 Ross, 33646

Zulfikar Hirji Zulfikar Hirji
Swahili-speaking Muslim communities on the East African Coast zhirji@yorku.ca 2040 Vari Hall, 77783
Ali Kazimi Ali Kazimi

Film Studies

Race, migration, indigeneneity, history and memory with a particular interest in South Asia and Canada akazimi@yorku.ca 234 CFT, 44556
Sailaja Krishnamurti Sailaja Krishnamurti
Representations of migration; race, gender, sexuality; diaspora and transnationalism in literature and theory; visual culture and comics; South Asian history, politics, religions skrishna@yorku.ca 321 FoundersCollege,  88703
Arun Mukherjee Arun Mukherjee
amukherj@yorku.ca 342 Stong College, 30442
Radhika Mongia Radhika Mongia


Feminist, Marxist and Postcolonial Theory; Political and Historical Sociology; Study of "Transnational" and "Global" Processes rmongia@yorku.ca 2080 Vari Hall, 66406
Ananya Mukherjee Reed Ananya Mukherjee Reed
Political Science
ananya@yorku.ca 630 Kaneff Tower, 20266
Chandan Narayan

Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics

chandann@yorku.ca S546A Ross, 33791
Michael Nijhawan Michael Nijhawan
Cultural Sociology; Social Theory; Sociology and Anthropology of Violence; Transnational Religion and Diaspora; Popular Culture and Performance; South Asia, Germany nijhawan@yorku.ca 2146 Vari Hall, 77994
Shobna Nijhawan Shobna Nijhawan
Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
The Hindi public sphere, women's literature, literature on nationalism, medical literature (all in Hindi and Urdu) shobna@yorku.ca S570 Ross, 88725
Nalini Persram

Social Science

Postcolonial Theory; Western Social & Political Thought; Social, Political & Cultural Thought; Feminism; Modernity, Occidentalism & the Caribbean & Latin America; Guyana; Eco-subjectivity persramn@yorku.ca 744 Kaneff Tower, 46012
Fahim Quadir Fahim Quadir
Social Science, International Development Studies
Aid effectiveness, good governance, civil society, rising donors, micro-finance, and trans-border social movements for peace, human security, and human development fquadir@yorku.ca 230R York Lanes, 66937
Indhu Rajagopal
Social Science
Theoretical analysis in political philosophy, political  economy, caste rajagopa@yorku.ca 229 Founders College, 77809
Shyam Ranganathan


South Asian philosophy (especially South Asian Moral Philosophy), Yoga (Meditation, especially Patanjali), Ethical Theory (Normative theory and Metaethics), Philosophy of Language, Translation Theory, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion shyamr@yorku.ca S446 Ross, 77543
Darryl Reed

Business and Society

dreed@yorku.ca S764 Ross, 77817
janet rubinoff Janet Rubinoff
History and Humanities
janetr@yorku.ca 318 Founders College, 20415
Trichy Sankaran
tsank@yorku.ca 347 Accolade East, 77135
Frank Scherer

Communication Studies

Orientalism, Self-Orientalization and Representation in early Indian Cinema fscherer@yorku.ca 3034 TEL
Marta Simidchieva Marta Simidchieva


Dari and Indo-Persian literature, Indo-Iranian literature, history of Islamic civilization msimid@yorku.ca 162-164, Founders College, 22581
Hira Singh Hira Singh
Social Theory; Social Inequality; Social Movements; Feudalism in Non-European and European Societies; Colonialism and Popular Protests; Empire and Indenture (South Africa) hsingh@yorku.ca 2106 Vari Hall, 60301
Alicia Turner


turnera@yorku.ca 241 VanierCollege, 66979
Nishant Upadhyay

Graduate Student Social and Political Thought (core course instructor)

Postcolonial Theory, Decolonization, Critical Race Feminist Theory, Transnational Feminisms, Indigeneity, Queer Theory, Diaspora Studies, Critical Area Studies, Critical Intersectionality, Dalit Epistemologies, Knowledge Production and Pedagogy, South Asia and South Asian Diaspora nishantu@yorku.ca N828 Ross, 33646
Sundar Viswanathan
Music, Fine Arts
Hindi Popular Music and Cinema, Music Theory and
Analysis, Music Aesthetics, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Theory and
Analysis, Bossa Nova, Jazz Performance Practice, Hybrid musics and 'Fusion' genres, Saxophone Performance and Pedagogy
sundarv@yorku.ca 365 Accolade East, 70184